4-year-olds suck at Charades


For Christmas, I bought the kids Charades. They included a version with clues that were just pictures, for kids who are too young to read. We have been playing it for the past couple of days, and oh my god they suck.

Here is an example. It was my daughter’s turn to act out a word. She picked a new card, and showed it to me. It had a picture of a birthday cake with candles in it.

My daughter smiled, walked to the center of the room, laid down on her back, and stuck her arms and legs in the air. You know…like a birthday cake…with four, sad little candles sticking out of it.

I decided to try to help my son, who was guessing every kind of dead animal he could think of.

Me: “Ben, let me help you. What’s a kind of food that has candles in it?”

Ben: “Uh…”

Me: “What special day is coming up for you guys in a couple of months?”

Ben: “HANUKAH!!”

Me: “Dude. We’re not even Jewish.”

You should see them try to act out a kite or a flag. There’s a lot of standing in one place and swaying.

We have some work to do.


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