A poem called “Sick”


Hey, folks.

I spent the weekend high in Nyquil, in my bed, a piece of tissue stuck up one nostril, trying to write this week’s Blogger Idol assignment.


I didn’t have any brain power to write anything else, and NO sense of humor left. But I wanted to have something for today, so I wrote a little poem.

It’s called, “Sick.”


Hey, sick.

Why such a dick?

I’ve got shit to do,

this is not what I’d pick.

My head feels all fuzzy,

My nose feels quite thick,

One nostril is dripping,

Man, are you a prick.

On the plus side there’s Nyquil,

I’ve become an addict.

It makes me feel tranquil,

And less full of snit.*

*“Snit” is snot + shit. You’re welcome.

I’m not feeling too pretty,

My best look is not this,

“Call the Appalachian Psych Ward!

It’s the escapee from Room Six!”

I can’t create spaces

between my stanzas

time for more Nyquil

says the boss, Tony Danza.


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Meredith likes to write the funny at her blog, Pile of Babies (http://www.pileofbabies.com).


  1. Rough times! Feel better. And enjoy your Tony Danza hallucinations while they last.
    When I Blink recently posted..Random PenguinsMy Profile

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. That’s pretty darn good for feeling like shit.
    Kathy at kissing the frog recently posted..My Biggest Parenting Fears~Her View From HomeMy Profile

  4. round of applause for working tony danza in there, seriously 🙂 may your germs go back to hell toot suite and your snit stay within your tissues…

  5. Feel better soon – sinus stuff is the worst!

    Two words: Neti Pot. Plus, it would make a great blog post. That was more than two words. Damn.

  6. Being sick sucks
    Like 3-footed ducks.
    You should get well
    And send that illness to hell.
    Go eat some soup,
    Maybe take a big poop,
    Put on a sweater,
    And try hard to feel better.

    Ashley Austrew recently posted..A Golden AfternoonMy Profile

  7. Awesome poem–but sorry you feel crappy. Hope you feel better soon!
    Crazed in the Kitchen recently posted..Blogs That Just Might Be Better Than Mine #payitforwardMy Profile

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  9. That is the most awesomest poem ever! I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and this thing is like the neverending cold.
    Elle recently posted..Fuck DepressionMy Profile

  10. Whoa…I am sending some serious get well soon vibes your way…On the bright side, you are still hilarious even though you feel like ass 😉
    Shannon recently posted..Oh, Henry!My Profile

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