Ah oui, romance.


Me: “Hey Mike, is there any tortellini leftover from dinner?”

Mike: “Yes! I mean, no!”

Me: “Wha….?”

Mike: “Well, I was going to tell you you could have what was leftover in the kids’ bowls. But then I remembered that you aren’t a dog.”

Me: “……..Thanks, babe.”


Love means never having to say, “I am not a dog.”

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Meredith likes to write the funny at her blog, Pile of Babies (http://www.pileofbabies.com).


  1. Oh no! At least he did remember, and didn’t go get it for you and put in a bowl on the floor. Woof.
    Kathy V. recently posted..How The Fairy Conquered The Troll (Tales From The Mommy Wars)My Profile

  2. Wait, all my meals are leftovers slopped up from the kids bowls. Does this mean I am a dog? It might explain a lot.
    Carinn @welcometothemotherhood recently posted..The truth about “no bathroom privacy”: what really happens in the bathroom once you have kidsMy Profile

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