I am bad at drunk.


I am not a drinker. I was a drinker when I was in my early twenties, but that was because I was in my early twenties. These days, I am perfectly comfortable saying that I just don’t like the taste of alcohol, and I hate beer. Hate hate hate it. Gah. Phooey. Whenever someone I love orders a beer, I am reminded that we can never really know another person.

I do drink socially from time to time — usually when the only plan is to get drunk. Alcohol is a tool I use to get to the point where I can pee on a library; it is not something I drink out of enjoyment.

The last time I was drunk was back in August when I went out with some of my friends. Because I never drink, it only took two Lemon Drops to get me to the point where I sent my husband this text:



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  1. Oh girl – blame that on the spell check. But I feel you on this. Drunk is just too uncomfortable a feeling now. And besides, you end up spending the entire next day exorcising the hangover, popping Advils, guzzling water and wondering who put your house on a lazy susan while you were half sleeping. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.
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  2. HA! This is a problem why?? I am the opposite. I really enjoy my beer. A LOT OF BEER. Often. Too much. This is probably one of the reasons my daughter has no interest in drinking, besides she agrees with you, icky. (and she is in her twenties). We will see what the boy child will do as he will be 21 in 6 days, I believe he has already done some experimenting since he has been away to college. I commuted to college and lived at home so I only can guess about dorm life.

  3. Do you scale the library or just lift your leg?

    I am just like you and it ticks me right off. (Not that I’m like you, but that I don’t like drinking.) Like you, I drank and drank and drank in my early twenties but now I get a hangover just considering a second glass of wine. It is kinda fun to get drunk easily but not when you’re sober long before anyone else you’re with has even caught a buzz.

  4. I drank my way through college and to this day there are several cocktails I can’t stomach thinking about at all! At one point in my college career, my parents would call the local bar and ask if I was there when they needed me. Times have sure changed!
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