Bad post. No biscuit.


So here’s the thing: all weekend I was thinking about this post I was going to write based on an article in the New York Times called, Portrait of a Wily Holocaust Survivor. It was going to be about the fact that the word “wily” doesn’t really seem like a word that goes with “Holocaust survivor” and how it reminds me of Wile E. Coyote and that is not at all appropriate, etc etc etc.

Then I started trying to write it last night, and let’s just say that it wasn’t really working. Turns out it’s super hard to write a funny post about ways you shouldn’t describe Holocaust survivors. Once you get past Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, there isn’t anywhere you can go without sounding like an insult comic at a roast of Gabrielle Giffords. (What the hell are you doing? Go home. There’s nothing for you here.)

So I scrapped it. And now I have no post.

So instead I’ll tell you about a little bet I made with another blogger who goes by the name, Dad on Arrival. He is one of my absolute favorite bloggers. Unfortunately, it turns out he is also a Broncos fan. Last week, he messaged me on Facebook and asked if we could make things a little interesting for the Super Bowl, which is between my Seattle Seahawks and the devil’s Denver Broncos.

Here’s the deal: the loser has to write two blog posts for the winner — one during the week after the game, and another at the winner’s discretion. So if I lose, AND I WON’T LOSE, I’ll be directing you over to my post on DOA next week. When I win, you will get to enjoy the words of DOA, and you will laugh and I will smile while attending the Seahawk’s victory parade on Fourth Avenue.

Oh, and PS — if you, like my husband, are getting a little tired of the football talk, don’t you worry. The season ends on Sunday.

PPS Go Hawks

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  1. Having been relocated from Portland, OR to the gloriousness that is Boulder, CO all I have to say is, GO. BRONCOS. We are gonna ruin Seattle like a nose zit on prom night.


    But seriously. We are gonna win. It’s why so many people name their kids Peyton around here.

  2. What a shame my Bears aren’t playing. That is all I have to say about that. Oh, and I couldn’t agree more about Wile E. That should never be strung together with Holocaust Survivor.

    I do so enjoy reading your thoughts!

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