Car-versations: I try to teach the kids a valuable lesson about oh never mind


We are at a stop light. A man with one leg, on crutches, walks by with a sign asking for money.

Meg: “Is he walking to go get a new leg?”

Me: “……Uh, no, honey. He’s asking for money. You see, sometimes people don’t have any money, so they need help from others — ”

Meg: “Do you know who I know who lost a hand in Star Wars?”

Me: “……..Who.”


Me: “Yes.”

Meg: “Sometimes you need a new hand, or a new face if you can’t see well. Or new pants.”

Me: “Those completely unrelated things are all partially true.”

Meg: “If Ben and I turn into pants, we will be Doctor Pants!”

Me: “I love it. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I love it.”



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  1. My kids do the same thing in the car 🙂 On a fifteen minute drive, my 5 year old daughter asked about God, the cruxifiction, the creation of the Earth, evolution and the resurrection. Of note is that we haven’t been to church since Christmas. And I barely skirted how babies are made. All before 8 am. Then we get in the house, and she doesn’t want to talk anymore.

  2. Yesterday with my 5 1/2 year old twins in the car:

    Sissy: Mama, Bubba needs a haircut.
    Bubba: With Daddy!
    Sissy: Daddy isn’t wearing any hair right now! (He’s shaved his head bald for summer.)
    Bubba: He KNOWS where to get a boy haircut!
    Sissy: You know who wears a LOT of hair? Grandpa! (Who has long hair.)
    Bubba: Hahahaha Grandpa is the KING of CHEESE!
    Me: Why is Grandpa the King of Cheese?
    Bubba: Grandma said, and he’s the cheesiest!
    Me: What?
    Bubba: Hahahahahahahaha…
    Me: Why?
    Bubba and Sissy: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I was confused. I still am. Apparently, Grandpa is the cheesiest. Step aside Kraft, I guess…

  3. This sounds exactly like the kinds of conversations that happen in my house. Totally.
    Jupiter recently posted..Feminist Friday: I’m tired of rape apologistsMy Profile

  4. Oh…btw? CONGRATS!! I’m such a ditz. I came here to say “congrats” and then spaced….
    Jupiter recently posted..Feminist Friday: I’m tired of rape apologistsMy Profile

    • Thanks!! You too!! I just finished first assignment……I think…….I’ll probably torture it for a few more hours before I submit it. Hope yours is churning right along!!

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