June 1, 2015
by admin

Why I’m Afraid Of The Ocean And You Should Be, Too.

I’m not afraid of many things…scratch that. I am afraid of a lot of things, but there aren’t many I would classify as “phobias.” I don’t like small insects or amphibians that can jump, for example, but that’s not the … Continue reading

March 23, 2015
by admin

Healthy Cookbooks Remind Me Why I’m Not Healthy

I am trying to eat healthier. Sometimes. It’s tricky to work in healthier foods when you have kids who only want to eat mac and cheese (and only the yellow kind, with the tube pasta), but for the sake of … Continue reading

November 22, 2014
by admin

Oh Science And Math, Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Back In

When I graduated from high school, I figured my days of math and science were done. I went to a college without core requirements so I majored in Psychology and went on with my life. For the most part I … Continue reading

September 22, 2014
by admin

Book Review: “How To Survive A Sharknado (And Other Unnatural Disasters”

Sharknado. Sharknado is everything I love about life. When movies like Sharknado come out, it feels like a gift given to the world for no reason other than life is phenomenal. My idea of a perfect evening would be me, my … Continue reading

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