Hope everyone had a great weekend! I flew to North Carolina as part of a surprise party for my older sister, who is turning 40. It was all arranged by her wonderful fiance, and it was lots of fun. Drinks were had. Action movies were enjoyed. And my sister will always be just slightly older than me. All good things.

NEW TOPIC! There is going to be a change to the blog. In the interest of quality over quantity, and in order to devote some time to other writing projects, I am going to start posting twice a week instead of three times a week. So posts will come on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

“Oh no,” you say, “but what about hey I would really like a cracker right now. What, did you say something?”

I know. It’s earth shattering. The thing is, I would really, really like to make a go of this writing thing. I want to approach new markets, reapproach old markets that have turned me down, and apply for more paid work. And in order for me to write well, I need to spend time on it. Trying to do that and post good work here three times a week would be tough for me.

“I know, right?” You  say, “especially with your crazy schedule as a — oh wait you’re a stay at home mom.”

To which I say, “Listen, asshole. FarmVille isn’t going to play itself.”

So, that’s the plan. I am excited and nervous. And ready to work. And so thankful that I have this blog, where I can continue to write about all the other bullschitz that I love. And where I don’t have to make myself crazy about grammar and punctuation, because my readers will forgive me.

“Yes,” you say. “Not a grammer ace, are we? You do know that you have an ongoing series of posts about how you are an idiot, right?”

To which I reply, “Damnit, reader! Come on!”

First Tuesday post comes tomorrow!

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  1. “Listen, asshole. FarmVille isn’t going to play itself.”

    Ashley Austrew recently posted..Focusing on the Etc.My Profile

  2. Good on you. Sounds like a smart strategy AND good for your sanity. 🙂
    When I Blink recently posted..The Difference Between Alone and Lonely (And How To Avoid the Latter)My Profile

  3. i wish you all the luck and perserverance in the world – your posts are hilarious, and while i don’t really know what type of writing you do other than this, if it translates you’ll be in like Flynn…(i have no idea where that saying comes from, so it’s supposed to be a compliment but for all i know Flynn was into something gross…:)

  4. Great, now that song in my head – but just that part. After that it just trails off because I’m no good at lyrics.
    Tahlia B. recently posted..BIC Soleil Bright Beginnings SweepstakesMy Profile

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