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So…I’m still sick. And coughing up things that belong in a petri dish. Here is the scene from my bed every morning after I drop the kids off at preschool:

  • Laptop
  • Tissues
  • To do list on post it (I love a list)
  • Eating disorder recovery book
Oh yeah. It is a total party at the Bland house.

There is one other piece of sick-related paraphenalia that is giving me the happy shivers. Check these out (as modeled by my four-year-old daughter):


The awesome people at Deerfoams sent me a pair of slippers — just because they’re awesome people who care about me and my feet. They let me pick out one pair from their website…I thought about going stylish:

Sweater knit clogs

I thought about something to wear to the grocery store:

Sport Mary Jane

I thought about going all sassy pants:

Terry Open Toe w/ Flower

but then I decided to get the one thing I don’t have but — at my stage of life — desperately need.

House slippers.

Velour bootie w/ faux fur

I have not owned a pair of slippers in at least a decade. All I remember about my old ones was that they made me feel like I had stuck my feet inside a sauna built INSIDE of a badger: sweaty, hot, and furry. But, my friends, these slippers are delicious and comfy. Not a sweaty badger in sight. And I can put them on and wander around the house with my tissues in one hand and my bottle of Nyquil in the other, and feel I belong in the world of sick.

By the way, did I mention that I am at the stage of my sickness where my teeth hurt? Does DeerFoams make a line of comfort grills?…OH MY GOD. Million dollar idea, right there.

PS — If you want to check out all of DeerFoam’s options, click on the ad on the right side of my page!



I’ll update on Blogger Idol soon! Keep your fingers crossed for a week 8!

In other news, I’ve got some stuff on the horizon that I’ve been working on, but nothing to report this week. But if you have a second…………..

MORE AWARD BEGGING! HURRAY! Hey! Here’s something else to vote for! The incredibly awesome Red Tricycle is holding the Totally Awesome Awards! And they have a section for blogs! How about that, huh?! Hm… I missed the nomination process, but if you have the time I would love it (like a fat kid loves cake) if you would write me in as a nominee! It’s kinda like writing in a vote for Big Bird for President — I have about as much of a chance of winning.

Just go to THIS LINK, and you’ll see a voting list for “Most Influential Blog”. I am NOT there, so click on “Don’t See Your Favorite”. Then you’ll just need to type in Pile of Babies, your email address and city, and DONE. And don’t worry, they won’t e-mail you anything unless you click on the box to be added to their list.

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  1. Could you make the link a bit bigger next time please?

    Yes, that means I wrote you in. Go you and go Big Bird!

  2. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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