Football versus Futbol – 4 things I learned by watching the World Cup


During the past few weeks, I — like millions of other Americans — became enamored with the world of futbol (pronounced like football, only after you’ve been kicked in the stomach.) As a devoted football fan, I discovered some interesting contrasts between the game I love and the game I was temporarily flirting with.

1. In football, they wear face masks…sometimes fairly elaborate, cage-like masks like the Raider’s Justin Tuck at the bottom. Unfortunately, those types of face masks will not be allowed next season. This makes me very sad, because there so many more nightmares I had yet to dream.

Now futbol, however, has no face masks. And guess which sport’s players get bitten? With mouths? By other grown men?

POINT: Face cage.

Deadspin f vs f 1

Deadspin Fvs F 2

2. When futbol players pull up their jerseys to celebrate, it looks like this:

deadspin fvsv 3
When football players pull up their jerseys to celebrate, it looks like this:

POINT: The Mebane belly roll. I like some jelly in my NFL belly. Get it, big man.

3. Celebrations. In football, you aren’t allowed to taunt defenders after a touchdown; this includes standing over them for too long, using the football as a prop, or doing a military salute. Officials also don’t enjoy choreographed dances, which I think we can all agree is absolute madness, because who doesn’t want to see a bunch of football players doing a choreographed dance? Crazy people, that’s who.

In futbol, on the other hand, the rule book states that after scoring a goal players may neither remove their shorts nor incite a riot. And that’s about it. Shorts. And riots.

South Africa Soccer WCup England US

deadspin fvsf 5


POINT: Football. The game where the players are dignified enough not to have be asked to keep their pants on.

4. When their team is getting the stuffing beat out of it, futbol fans have big reactions. Like this gentleman, for example, who forgot to bring snacks to the game.

deadspin fvsf 6

Football fans however, such as this caring Manning brother watching his brother’s team getting destroyed during the Super Bowl, tend to spiral downward into despair. This kind of despair robs us of our ability to move our faces.

deadspin fvsf 7

POINT: Football’s stoney sadness. This is the correct reaction to having your dreams die.

CONCLUSION: In terms of biteyness, anguish, and forced control over joy, football still reigns supreme. Now oh my god, can it please be September already?

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  1. I almost couldn’t get this read for my office partner! I am so with ya sister! I know we don’t love the same team, but we love the same game and maybe just maybe my beloved Bears will play this year! 😉

  2. Great piece, though I think you incorrectly scored a few items. I mean, who wouldn’t prefer watching a desperate Brazilian eat his own shirt to a catatonic Eli Manning? And can you imagine the celebrations Ocho Cinco would have come up with had he been a futbol player?
    Jeff recently posted..How to explain to the World Cup to Your KidsMy Profile

  3. but… if you are a seahawks fan then certainly you are a Sounders, Timbers or Whitecaps fan??? If not, you should try out a local game and enjoy. Don’t watch it on TV, it’s just eeehhhhh, but seeing it live and in person is fun. Plus it’s only like 2 hours, instead of the 6 hour marathon of attending Seahawks games.

    I do love me some Mebane though, he better be doing more of that this year.
    gracie recently posted..An Update, A PlanMy Profile

  4. This was brilliant!!!

    I love futbol (it took me years to adjust to “soccer”). I also love how your mind works. I am sad that I can’t watch futbol properly anymore, because kids. I am also not so sad because every time I watch the Italian team play I realize that I’m still expecting to see the team that was playing in the late 90’s which makes me feel not so good about myself or futbol.

    The end.
    Katia recently posted..The Unbearable Lightness of Being Away – RebloggedMy Profile

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