Greatest Hits

My most popular blog posts (i.e. My mom really liked them). My oldest ones are at the top, and my most recent ones are at the bottom.

The baby blues knock me on my ass

I re-visit the Sound of Music and try to take that nun down a peg

Little hand

I am the Anti-Craft

Feline sexual predators. Why aren’t we talking about this?

Birth plan

Things I have done as a parent while on the toilet

That is not why I brought you to the playground

So we dug up a dead dog the other day…

If that dog could talk, he’d probably rape you

Pile of Sky Mall

Drunk or 4-years-old?

Underpants — The haikus

Preschooler Trivia: Can You Take The Heat?

PSA: Having twins is not adorable, but thanks

7 fantastic sports discontinued from the summer olympics

I think wine is pretentious. THERE. I SAID IT.

I respond to spam

Fun with city nicknames

Take two of these and never call me again

Medieval Slang

I Rewrite Rejection Letters

Who the hell are you, one person asked. So I answered.

Three truths and a lie about having twins

The parenting put down that needs to stop

I’m gonna carve this fruit into NO. School lunches, the lazy way

Cougar attacks. No, the other kind.

If I were a state, I would be awesome.

I question the Postmaster General

Brad Pitt, I feel your pain

9 awesome things about having a physical disability

Watching the VMAs made me feel old and cynical

School supply list: dream versus reality

Paralympic athlete Taylor Lipsett and I talk ice hockey and Abraham Lincoln’s beard

After-birth: 10 surprises from those first few days after delivery


  1. Love love love!!! Hilarious memories for me as my youngest (of 4) will graduate from high school in May…we’ve almost made it! Bring on the empty nest!! Hooking up my sis-in-law with your blog as she’s deep in the trenches with her own adorable almost-two-years-old pair up there in Seattle. Keep blogging…I wanna keep laughing!

  2. OMG I haven’t laughed this hard in so long. Seriously, I needed this today. The crazy part? I am totally going to be be BFF’s with your blog.

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