***UPDATE: — So, after reading “The Rules”, it turns out that my assignment post goes up on A DIFFERENT website, NOT my own, and I will be able to direct you there to vote on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I can’t talk about what the assignment is or what I write before then. Top Secret, y’all! You can pull out my fingernails to try to get it out of me, but I only have the six……I can take it.***

Holy fuck dogs, people. I made it into the top 13 for this year’s BLOGGER IDOL!! I cannot believe it. In fact, I am sure there was an error because there were some much better writers who didn’t make it. But MAN am I excited and grateful and giddy. I can’t wait!

So, here is what Blogger Idol is about. They chose a top 12 from 167 applications, and a 13th wildcard based on votes posted on their Facebook page (ps, I was NOT the Wildcard because NONE of y’all fuckers voted for me………let’s hug it out…….ok, moving on). Here’s the full list in order of appearance in the video announcement (the list of names starts at about the 4 minute mark). I gave links to their sites so you can check them out! :

  1. Pile of Babies (THAT’S ME!!!)
  2. My Rad Dad
  3. Crazed in the Kitchen
  4. The Real Matt Daddy
  5. Forever 51
  6. Martinis and Minivans
  7. Dad and Buried
  8. The Mother Freaking Princess
  9. Crazy Dumb Saint of the Mind
  10. Edward Hotspur
  11. Ice Scream Mama
  12. Man-derstanding
  13. Random Thoughts and Lotsa Coffee

Here’s what happens now — every Saturday, we will be given a writing assignment. For the rest of the weekend, we ignore our families and stress eat. The assignments are due on Tuesdays, so I will post mine on Mondays or Tuesdays, depending on when I get it the least-sucky. Then comes the VOTING. That’s where you guys come in!!! I will need all the help I can get against these people! The judges also score the entries, and then on Fridays, someone is eliminated. This keeps going until there is one winner, who will be announced on December 14th.


I can’t wait to get started. Also, I am going to need some Ben & Jerrys.

Here is the essay I wrote for my audition. It was supposed to be 250-500 words on why you should be Blogger Idol.


Blogger Idol 2012

Oh, hello. My name is Meredith Bland, and I want to be Blogger Idol 2012 because I want to be a role model to – no. Not that. Um……because for too long our country has been held hostage by fear and men with magnificent hair – nope. Not that either.

I didn’t always love to write. In fact, the words “term paper” still make my eyes water and anus pucker. But late last year, I wrote a blog post for my rarely-updated personal blog for family members and friends about my young twins, and people really LIKED it. So I wrote some more. And some more. And I discovered that I got a huge kick out of sharing the weirdness in my head.

Pretty soon I was blogging three days a week and writing for a few other websites as well. And nothing has ever felt more right or made me happier. Well, except for that frozen yogurt place at the mall with the wall of toppings where they charge you by weight……the weight of your yogurt, not your body. They aren’t savages.

But despite all of the writing I have done over the past year, it has only been one year. There is a lot that I still need to learn from other writers, which is why the “constructive criticism” aspect of the contest is also very appealing to me. I would love to hear feedback on what people think could use improvement, and what they think even bestselling author Snooki would be jealous of.

I think I should be Blogger Idol 2012 because I have a unique and funny way of looking at life that your readers will enjoy. I am honest and forthright, but I don’t like to take much of anything too seriously. I think you’ve got to get through this life by laughing as much as possible, and that’s what I try to achieve in my writing.

Here’s a little more about me – I am a 35-year-old, stupidly happily married mother of 4 ½ year old twins. I live in Seattle, Washington, which as far as I’m concerned is the most perfect city in the world because it doesn’t get too hot and it doesn’t get too cold. It is a city of “meh”, and I love it.

I have held a variety of jobs in my life, everything from crisis line counselor to server of gourmet dog food to wealthy dogs. I am currently a stay-at-home Mom who is trying to earn enough money writing to pay for her hard core coffee habit.

Thanks for your time and consideration. If you pick me, I will send you a pilgrim hat that was made to be worn by a cat. Because it exists. And therefore we should all have one.


Meredith Bland


Author: admin

Meredith likes to write the funny at her blog, Pile of Babies (http://www.pileofbabies.com).


  1. Dang, that’s a fine entry essay! So you’ve got my forthcoming vote(s). Good luck, good writing, and no matter what the eventual outcome, you will ALWAYS be an idol to your kids (although we all know that ain’t worth as many bragging points as a Blogger Idol badge on your site, or on a t-shirt, or maybe a ribbon-festooned button, country-fair style? What exactly IS the swag you’ll be gifted with?). WRITE ON!
    Liza (Mama Jabber) recently posted..Some Kind of Grown-upMy Profile

  2. Looking forward to reading more from you! Congrats on making the top 12!

  3. Congratulations! If you win this whole thing I really think the judges should have to wear that pilgram hat and post photos. Hilarious! I’m looking forward to cheering you forward. Good luck!
    Lily from It’s A Dome Life recently posted..That Time I Went To South Africa And Got Locked In A Bathroom StallMy Profile

  4. You GO!
    When I Blink recently posted..The Loneliness of Football SeasonMy Profile

  5. As they say in my home state of Texas, vote early and often, baby! Early and often!

  6. That letter is AWESOME. I’d totally pick you to be my Blogger Idol. Buuut only for the pilgrim hat. That sounds pretty freaking sweet.
    Ashley Austrew recently posted..GymboRecap (See what I did there?)My Profile

  7. Well done Pile of Babies… we’ve got our eyes on you… hugs M3!

  8. I’m so happy for you! You are a great writer and you deserve it! Now, go out there and kick some major ass. We’re all behind you!!!
    Tracy @ Momaical recently posted..Fore! Not FOUR!My Profile

  9. You are hilarious. I think I’m going to vote for you.
    Ben (MyRadDad) recently posted..I am Going to Be in a Ford Commercial!My Profile

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  11. Hello funny person. I just started reading your blog and you make me laugh and make my day better. If I could get the words from my brain to paper, I would say things the way you do. Things like holy fuck dogs. Because that’s what I think. It’s so refreshing to read. I hope you win! I’ll vote for you.

  12. Loved your audition!!! … and also the whole “ignore your family and stress eat” part… since I didn’t make the final cut I should probably reconnect with these people that live with me and get back in the gym! Have fun with it!!!

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