In praise of my mother, and p.s. I’m in business!


This is not my mother. (Image via sxc)

This is not my mother. (Image via sxc)

I have made fun of my mom a few times in this blog. I have, for example, compared her to a doomsday-ready Bassett Hound. But I do so out of love, for my mother is the grooviest there is. She just left after staying with me in Seattle for four days, and I was reminded of all the reasons I love her. I’d like to share some of those with you now.

1. The first night she was here, my mother and I discussed growing old and 9/11, and she had me take an online test to make sure that my memory problems weren’t early-onset Alzheimers.

2. She swears like a sailor, but what with a level of venom that you don’t typically see from a seventy-year-old . OH, THE VENOM.

3. As a mother of twins herself (that’s me and my sister,) she is able to understand my struggles parenting my twins. She mostly shows that by laughing so hard that she can barely breathe when my children start “misbehaving” (i.e. acting like total assholes.) That doesn’t sound like it would be comforting, but it really is.

4. She gets my kids and doesn’t take anything personally. When they start screaming that they don’t want Grandma to look at them (yes, really) she just says, “That’s cool. I’ll be over here reading my Kindle with its enlarged font.”

Getting closer... (Image by Bojana Dimitrovski at

Getting closer… (Image by Bojana Dimitrovski at

5. I can and do talk to her about everything. In fact, I am shocked our relationship hasn’t been used as a scenario in one of those Chris Hanson “What Would You Do” episodes. A woman and her mother, who are seated at the table next to you, start discussing bowel movements and bestiality. What would you do?”

6. There is no one more supportive and understanding. Except, perhaps, for Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo’s mother, who will be sworn in as my new mother should my current mother choose to abdicate her position.

7. Despite the horrible, hideous child I was, she: a) never smothered me in my sleep, and b) still loves me. That, my friends, is a forgiving woman.

8. She knows everything, or has least heard of it but can’t remember the name right now.

Nailed it. (Image by

Nailed it. (Image by

Thanks, Mom! Sorry the kids didn’t let you see the end of Monster’s University. Someday, I will cut the cable just before the dramatic finale of Fairies and Luke Skywalker Visit Disneyland, and I shall do so in your name.



Hey you guys! I am in business! And by “in business” I mean that I have one client, a wordpress page, and I am currently accepting checks.

I have started doing copywriting for small business websites. I lurve it. Whether it’s a new website you don’t have time to work on, or an old one that could use a fresh approach, I’m your gal…woman…NO — lady.

The best part is that since I am the new kid on a very crowded block, I am incredibly affordable. So if you or anyone you know is looking for a kick-ass copy writer, I’d love to talk about it with you over a doughnut. My professional website is here: don’t judge there isn’t much here but it’s kinda pretty to look at.

Thanks, everyone! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great tribute to your mom! Also, love, love, love to see your freelance biz! Hope things take off for you!

  2. your mom rocks
    alisa recently posted..Stop driving me crazy!My Profile

  3. Love the Dumbo reference. Great post…funny and charming. Congrats on the copywriting biz!
    Lindsey recently posted..Best Jeepney sighting yet!My Profile

  4. Your mom sounds awesome. It’s funny but when you are in the mom position it is hard to remember sometimes how awesome you are in your children’s eyes. I usually have to remember what my mom means to me and how much I love her to realize I am her too.

    I chose to say that instead of “I hope my kids will think of me the same way one day” or something equally dumb.

    I love your writing, and I wish I was wealthy so I could hire you to write stuff for me.


    • I love this comment. You’re so right — sometimes you forget how your children look at you until you think about how you look at your mother. Love that.

      You are very kind, and believe me — I am not offering my services at a high rate. I’m kind of a “Bargain Basement clearance shelf” kind of writer. Part of the charm.

      Thanks again!!

      admin recently posted..It’s award show Tuesday!My Profile

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