I watch the NFC Championship game, and discover that I am a terrible person


Sunday night, my Seattle Seahawks beat the evil henchmen of the 49ers and their dark overlord, Colin Kaepernick, to win the NFC Championship and secure a place in the Super Bowl.

I messaged back and forth during the game with my very positive and supportive sister, who lives in New York.

Let’s just say I don’t handle stress well, and my morals are flexible when it comes to football games.


The game starts. Our quarterback fumbles immediately and we lose possession.


One of our receivers makes a fantastic catch and then falls down in an ouchy way. Then we don’t score and lose possession again. (ps: “domesday” = “doomsday”)


My sister tries to cheer me up at the start of the second half. It doesn’t go well.


I start to spiral downward at a dizzying pace.


Last quarter of the game. We have a small lead that we could easily lose. I start to get dramatic. Oh, and there’s an “interceptoon.”


End of the game. I no longer care about sportsmanship or fairness. And then we win. 🙂


Happy Super Bowl, everybody!

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  1. Perfection!! U keep that crazy spirit!! Can’t wait to see your Super Bowl tweets!
    Icescreammama recently posted..Let the iBeatings begin!My Profile

  2. OMG. I feel your pain. I am a Bears fan.

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