Medieval slang


You might not know this because it’s not true, but much of our current slang was used in Medieval times. Here are a few examples:

King Henry of Derp. (image via

This portrait of King Henry VIII is the first image of “derp.” (image via


I can haz diseased rat?

   I can haz diseased rat? (image via


Bitch, please. (image via sxc)

“Bitch, please” captured on stained glass. (image via sxc)


Fresco bomb! (image via

Fresco bomb. (image via


(image via

YOLOTATTYDOD: You Only Live Once Till About Thirty Then You Die Of Dysentery (image via


Sadly, he hadth no swag. (image via

A tribute to he who hadth no swag. (image via


Unicorn capture fail. (image via

Unicorn capture “fael.” (image via


Double Fisting for Jesus. (image via

Double Fisting for Jesus. (image via


#FollowFriday was originally #FollowFridayAndMurder WithLances (image via

#FollowFriday was originally #FollowFridayAndWoundGrievouslyWithLances (image via

Nailed it. (image via

Nailed it. (image via


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  1. Holy hell! You almost without fail crack me up to no end (and only not when you post about srsbsns) but Double Fisting for Jesus?? Oh my god, I’m dying, and a little bit in love…hiLARious

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