Netflix for Kids: It’s all about Number One.


For this month’s Stream Team theme, the good folks over at Netflix sent me an email that said the following:

Parenting may be a 24/7 gig, but taking time out for yourself helps keep you strong for your family. That’s why we’re switching gears for June and making this month’s Stream Team topic all about mom.

Yeah! Suck on it, Father’s Day! This month I’m looking out for MY needs! And when I’m taking care of Number One, I like to do one or more of the following things:

1. Read

2. Sleep

3. Plot and scheme

4. Binge-watch TV shows

I typically combine “Sleeping” with “Plotting and Scheming,” because then it’s just “Dreaming” and you can’t be held accountable for what happens in your dreams. Right, cat butlers? Right.

But Netflix was in luck because man oh man do I love to put the kids to bed, grab my dog and a Diet Coke, and settle in for some binge-watching. I am a woman who has watched every episode of every season of The Golden Girls, Breaking Bad, and Shaun the Sheep. I’m the same way about books: if I am going to read a series, I have to start with the first one. If I like it, then there goes the next few months of my life while I read every other book in the series. In order.


Just a few weeks ago I was in the market for a new binge show, and right about that time is when I got the email from Netflix, offering some suggestions for shows to lose a weekend to. I’m pretty sure the people at Netflix watch me through the camera in my laptop. They can anticipate my needs. Therefore, next month’s Steam Team Theme should be, “Here are hundreds of hours of shows that you can play in a row all day long for your kids but then tell your friends you took them on a hike and did a nature-themed scavenger hunt after making mud-based crafts because it’s summer and sometimes you get desperate but don’t want to tell anyone about it.”

For June, however, here were the suggestions for some mom time shows:


1. Orange Is the New Black: GASP! JUNE 6TH!

2. Scandal: Done it.

3. Pretty Little Liars: Meh.

4. Sherlock: Ready for Season 3.

5. Breaking Bad: Done it.

6. Parenthood: I’m trying to forget I have children, but thanks.

Since it was June 3rd, I settled for Season 3 of Sherlock (LOVE) and knocked that out quick (there were only 4 episodes) so that I could fully commit myself to Orange Is The New Black on the 6th.

And commit I did: by June 7th I was halfway through the second season. I am not ashamed of that. I enjoy myself a little prison intrigue.


Excuse me…LADY prison intrigue.


The show is so fantastic. I love that the cast is made up of real women rather than looking like the cast of “Chained Heat” (real movie). The writing is clever and the story lines are terrific. I love that this season we are told the back stories of the inmates, all of which are both hilarious and heart-breaking.

Also, OITNB gives me ideas for my plotting and scheming (using roaches to smuggle goods — why did I never think of that?) so I get to multi-task my ME time.

Now, off to ignore my husband and finish the season.



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  1. Love OITNB brilliant show. The casting is perfect. The directing is great. The writing is at times pure genius.
    House of Cards has me hooked too. But it’s kinda getting dumb–mid-season 2. Bob’s Burgers is awesome but a season behind what’s airing now.
    Oldies but goodies for my bingeing TV time include: Lost, Friday Night Lights, Scrubs and Dexter. Need some darkness somewhere.

  2. Great idea about child caring. I will have a try this netflix for kids.

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