Oh my god, we got a dog.



We got a dog on Saturday.


As with most decisions in my life, how it happened is kind of a blur…but here are the basics.

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a while, and Mike has been telling me “no” for just as long. We (I) decided it would happen one day, when the kids were older. For the moment, we (Mike) had enough going on to have to worry about a dog.

I let it go, but I would still check out Petfinder.com from time to time to go dog-browsing. It’s kinda like when I surf for real estate porn. Anybody else do this? You look at all the new houses for sale in your city because you’re nosy and you get all judgey and hoity-toity about other people’s homes?

“Well, if there isn’t an en-suite bathroom then I don’t know why you’d bother.”

It’s like House Hunters, but 0n your computer and a LOT more bitchy.

ANYWAY. So I was looking at what dogs were at the Seattle Animal Shelter, and I came across the world’s most perfect dog. It was love at first click.

First of all, his name was already Chewie. Not to be shallow or anything, but that is a kick-ass name for a dog. I, of course, decided right away that it was short for “Chewbacca.” One of Mike’s co-workers, however, informed him that it could also be “Chuy,” which is a Spanish nickname for “Jesus.”  I am going to refer to him as “Chewbacca Jesus,” and everyone will be happy.

Second, in his description they said he was a sweetie pie, perfect for a family with kids, and great for a first-time dog owner. CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Third, he is small and deliciously adorable.

People, I lost control. The kids and I had a few hours between activities, so we went down to the shelter to meet him. We cuddled, we played fetch, and I fell in love. Immediately, the campaign to break Mike down began. I sent him some propaganda photos:


And what do you know, it worked!!! Mike is a weak and wonderful man.We put a “hold” on Chewie so no one else could snatch him up, visited again on Saturday, and took him home that afternoon!! And let me tell you — this dog could not be more perfect for our family. He is the sweetest, most mellow dog I have ever met. The kids can get up to all of their hijinks around him and he couldn’t care less — barely even raises his head. They can pet him, play with his tail, yell “Chewie Chewie Chewie Chewie,” and Chewie just kinda says, “Ok.”

Nothing gets a rise out of this dog except for other dogs. The only times I have heard him bark are when he comes into contact with Rocky, the German Shepard next door. Chewie, at a whopping 14 pounds, thinks he is the size of a German Shepard. He ran right over to the fence and let out the most pitiful series of barks while Rocky just looked at him. It’s pretty sad. But I always tell Chewie that Rocky is so scared of him that he can’t even bark back. It makes the little guy pretty proud.

I was a little worried about how he would get along with my two cats, but Chewie seems to think that they are furniture — he has almost walked right into them a few times before course-correcting. Does. Not. Care. The cats, for their part, seem to have resigned themselves to Chewie’s existance. I guess that once the kids arrived and fucked up their once perfect lives, they realized it couldn’t get any worse than that. Chewie is just one more thing messing it all up.

Did I mention that he is already housebroken? And when you rub his belly he purrs like a cat? And he snores like a congested old man? And he is capable of some truly astonishing farts?

I love this dog.

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  1. Congrats on the new addition! I’ve always had a dog growing up, and couldn’t imagine life without one. There is nothing like the love of a dog …. they enrich our lives beyond measure. Not to mention – I am sure the kids are thrilled! And small dogs are the best – they make up for their lack of size with huge personality. 🙂

  2. Good for you! And love the name. Shelter dudes are the BEST!

  3. Yay! What a cute little dog! He sounds like a winner.
    Ashley Austrew recently posted..In weakness and in strengthMy Profile

  4. Quick, un list yourself from petfinders NOW! trust me, it’s the only safe thing to do. Congrats to you for finding more to love.

  5. He is so cute! I am working on my hubby to let us get a kitten. We lost a cat a few months ago, so we are down to one and I’ve decided she’s lonely. Mostly because I want a kitten. Not sure he’ll give in any time soon…
    Crazed in the Kitchen recently posted..Why I Chose Formula For My Babies, And Why That’s OKMy Profile

    • Wait until he’s at work, then get a kitten from a local shelter.

      I’ve found that the “I don’t know, he just sort of wandered into the yard while you were at work…” tactic seems to work.

      Then you just have to do a half-hearted “search for his real owners” and come to the conclusion that nobody wants to claim him, so you had better just keep him.

      Elayna recently posted..Let me esplain…there is too much, let me sum up.My Profile

  6. Sounds perfectly wonderful! And he’s cute, too. But please don’t tell my family. They have been working on me to get a dog for a year. If they cant pick up their crap around the house, how are they going to pick up the dog’s crap?

  7. Congratulations on the new family addition. He’s a cutie. I’ve always wanted a dog, but now i just can’t, not yet. no. i’m just going to take my bearded dragon and throw balls at him.. i’ll let you know how that goes..
    alisa recently posted..You can’t win them all. Deal with it.*My Profile

  8. Nothing but good and wonderful can come from this!
    kavenson recently posted..In the NeighborhoodMy Profile

  9. I am just catching up on my reader right now, so late to the congrats, but holy crap, you have a dog! Chewie is adorable!! One unsolicited bit of advice, be careful with him on walks and other dogs. A trick we learned in dog training is to step in front of your dog so that they can’t see around you to stare at the other dog and be a nut. It just breaks their eye contact and usually distracts them enough to behave and get a move on. Other dogs may react badly to your little guy barking at them. Have fun with him, having a dog is the best thing ever!!
    MegG recently posted..In my Twenties Tuesday: my husband jacked my TuesdayMy Profile

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  11. Happy for you! You got a very adorable and cute dog. I am sure you and the rest of your family members are having some great playing time him. Congratulations to you all!

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