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Let’s Laugh at Parenting, Please (Tipsy Lit, May 2014)

Embarrassing Things I Hope My Mother Hears About Me (Off Duty Mom, May 2014)

The Accidental Racist (Loop Letters, January 2013)

Alternative Infertility (Off Duty Mom, December 2012)

A poop in the hand is worth two in the bush (Blogger Idol, Week 11, 12/12)

Life gets bigger: A letter to my younger self (Blogger Idol, Week 11, 12/12)

This one trick pony learns a few more tricks (Blogger Idol, Week 10, 12/12)

So you want to groom a chupacabra… (Blogger Idol, Week 9, 11/12)

Exploitation goes viral (Blogger Idol, Week 8, 11/12)

The devil I don’t know (Blogger Idol, Week 7, 11/12)

The best blogs you’ve never read (Blogger Idol, Week 6, 11/12)

Rape is Rape (Blogger Idol, Week 5, 10/12)

Super Bland! (Blogger Idol, Week 4, 10/12)

She said/She said, with Alisa and Meredith (Blogger Idol, Week 3, 10/12)

I love it when you call me Big Poppa (Blogger Idol, Week 2, 10/12)

Are you going to finish that? (Blogger Idol, Week 1, 9/12)

Down With A Sickness (TWINS Magazine, August/September issue)

Reading to my kids is a pain in the ass (Errant Parent, 8/8/12)

Top 8 things said by children that could be overheard at the Playboy Mansion (The Scrib, 8/1/12)

Dear Goodwill Donation Guidelines (The Yellow Ham)

Tattoos and Other Bad Ideas (Scary Mommy, June 2012)

My Team for the Zombie Apocalypse (The Yellow Ham)

Play Date Gone Wrong (Imperfect Parent)

Dear Pregnant Ladies Wearing “Don’t Touch the Bump” Tees (Errant Parent)

Your Threats Do Not Scare Me, Small Person (Errant Parent)

What the…….? Check out the North Park Mansion kit (Survive Parenthood)

An Open Letter from Blue Ivy Carter to Her Parents (The Imperfect Parent.com)

Vomit. Let’s Take a Walk, Shall We? (Errant Parent)


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