Privacy: You’re missing the point


The name of the child will be “Child” to protect Child’s privacy. But we will always know who it is, won’t we, Child?

Here’s what went down the other day:


Me: “Hang on for a second. I have to go pee, and then we can play.”

Child: “Okay.”

Me: “…So maybe you could leave the bathroom so I could have a little privacy?”

Child: “No, no, it’s okay. Look.”

Closes the door most of the way, then puts their eye up to the crack.

Me: “You’re still looking at me.”

Child: “No, I’m not looking at your pee, I’m looking at your eyes.”

Me: “The fact that you’re looking me in the eyes while I urinate does not makes this any better.”

Child: “OKAY.”  (angry and disappointed)


I think it’s important that kids learn while they’re young that there are few situations in which direct and sustained eye contact makes things more comfortable.

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  1. Isn’t it heartwarming the way our offspring express their love? My daughter enjoys watching me poop more than she likes hugging me.
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  2. Nice! Ah, parenthood…

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