Santa needs a skunk. Not that one.


My son has decided that his favorite animal is the skunk.

It’s an unusual choice.

So unusual, in fact, that it has been exceptionally difficult to find the skunk stuffed animal that he has said is the only thing he wants for Christmas. It doesn’t help that a few weeks ago he told “Santa” that he wanted a skunk hand puppet, which “Santa” got him and patted herself on the back for. Then he said that he wanted a large, cushy skunk that he could use like a Pillow Pet, and when I said that I thought he wanted a puppet, he burst into tears.

I said, “Okay, but I don’t think they make a skunk Pillow Pet.”

And he said, “But Santa can make it in his workshop!”

Ouch. Guess it’s time to start Googling.

And guess what? It is a freaking nightmare to find a big squishy skunk. I found lots of small ones:

Skunk small

8 inches? That’s not a pillow.

And some ugly ones:

Skunk Ugly

Good god.

One that farts:

Do you think skunks farts smell better than regular skunks?

Do you think skunks farts smell better than regular skunks?

And Mike found a terrifying skunk/child hybrid:

AND it's winking at you. Nighty night!

AND it’s winking at you. Nighty night!

But it wasn’t until I put my family on the hunt that my sister-in-law finally found a 16 inch skunk from Stuffed Safari, which I can’t show you because their images are copyrighted. So just imagine the perfect skunk.

There it is. (Image via

There it is. (Image via

Christmas is saved! Thanks, Amy! “Santa” almost messed the whole thing up. Because of a freaking skunk. Oh, Christmas, you crusher of dreams. Don’t make it hard to love you, baby.

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  1. The things we do for our kids…love this post!

  2. I once had to make a mermaid costume from scratch because that was the only thing my daughter wanted from santa. I couldn’t find one in stock anywhere, whether it was a costume store, the Disney store, online (both Canada and US).
    We decided together that since it looked homemade, Mrs Claus must have made it.
    All was good until a couple of years later she had a friend wearing it (who was too big for it) and it split–I was upset, but she couldn’t understand why thinking that Mrs Claus could just make another!
    The things we do for them 🙂

  3. I think the takeaway here is that there is an insane lack of skunks on the toy market, and that I should probably open up an Etsy where I only stock stuffed huggable skunks. THIS is how I will make tens of dollars. Tens!
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  4. I HAVE A SKUNK PUPPET!!! It is like the legnth of your hand and forearm and you can put fingers in its front arms and head and “carry” it in your arms! I am not kidding back when I got it it fooled many people! They were really too scared to get too close and you could make it move and sniff the air… I also have a mink complete with tail, legs and head. Its mouth is a clamp so you can wear it around your neck. My kids hate it. I LOVE IT. It belonged to my grandma.

  5. I feel you on this one. My son asked for a “zombie statue.” What the hell? When I said I didn’t think anyone sold zombie statues, he gave me the same “Santa’s workshop” bit. So I just said, “Well, remember Santa doesn’t always bring everything on your list. He has a lot to carry in his sleigh. I’m sure he’ll either bring the Zombie Statue or the Wolverine costume.” Wolverine costume it is.
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