Save a bunny, play some Uno. That’s how the song goes, right?


Hey everyone!

This special Saturday post is for my first giveaway.

I haven’t done one of these before, not because there haven’t been offers (female sexual arousal oil, anyone?) but I am not a giveaway blog (and won’t become one — no worries) and didn’t want to participate in one unless someone came to me with something I could get behind. And I can get behind chocolate, as chocolate has a warm and intimate relationship with my behind. I can also get behind free and discounted toys for my readers, which bring us to now.

This year, Mattel is doing a Save The Bunny campaign for Easter. They have partnered with the Endangered Chocolate Bunny Coalition (hell yes) and are asking us to fill our kids’ Easter baskets with toys instead of chocolate bunnies.

Convenient, eh, MATTEL?! J’ACCUSE!!!!

But no, for serious, here’s why this isn’t complete crazy talk:

  1. Giving toys encourages creative play that lasts longer than any chocolate bunny. Also, giving toys IN ADDITION to chocolate bunnies keeps them occupied twice as long as chocolate bunnies alone. That’s some truth right there.
  2. You know what else toys last longer than? Sugar rushes that lead to a house full of insane children covered in Easter egg dye who don’t believe that the Easter egg hunt ended hours ago and tear your house apart with cheeks full of Peeps.
  3. More chocolate bunnies for Mom and Dad. Aw, yeah! Can I get a high-five?! Oh wait…that’s the opposite of what they’re trying to do here, right? Shit. I suck at this.

Instead of having to rummage through the $1 aisle at Target or the Seasonal aisle at Walgreens the day before Easter (NOT THAT I HAVE DONE THAT) Mattel will be giving away a free toy every single day till March 31st at the Save The Bunny website, and every entry automatically goes into the pool for a $4000 grand prize! Can you imagine how many chocolate bunnies you could buy with $4000?! Damn. I really am no good at this. They should have gotten someone slightly less supportive of chocolate eating.

AND, they have coupons on the site that are good at Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer, and my mom’s house. (Just kidding. Don’t go hassle my mom. The poor woman has nothing left but cursing at CNN.)

Let’s face it. Those bunnies have had a hell of a good run. It’s time to give Uno a piece of the action.

To enter, visit the website or hit up the Rafflecopter entry form below the video.

Thanks, guys!

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  1. Ok, seems innocent enough… I entered! If I win $4000 worth of chocolate bunnies, I’ll split it with you.

  2. This is for the United States only. I don’t know why I even check these things anymore, and then when I do, I’m shocked anew every time Canada is excluded. I suppose hope spring eternal that companies that have sales here, will one day include us. To the USA folks – good luck.

  3. Bring on the bunnies!

  4. I still don’t get the reason behind why a toy and not Bunnies for Easter!? Don’t get me wrong. But, I don’t understand why they don’t want us to give out sugar. I would understand it if it were a JDRF ad or something for my Type 1 diabetic child that has to stay away from sugar…. It was my idea to my wife this year; to say we should get some action figures to hide around the yard with a real dyed egg. (’cause he’s at an age where he loves to play with his action figures, acting out scenes of Star Wars or Transformers)

    But anyway, I still don’t get it.

    • Because Mattel would really really like it if you would buy more toys by Mattel.
      And please make sure your wife has some kind of battle strategy involving the eggs and the action figures. Tie up an egg and blindfold it. Get the heroes in formation around it. Put someone in a tree as a spotter.
      This could be awesome.

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