Sometimes, you laugh alone…


Chewie and I go for at least one, usually two really long walks every day. We usually run into a lot of other dogs on our walks, which is a pain, because one of Chewie’s bad habits (besides eating faces) is barking like crazy at almost every dog within sniffing distance. Unfortunately for him, he has the most pitiful bark I have ever heard. It sounds like a baby trying to blow out a candle.

A few nights ago we were on our way home from one of our walks when we saw a couple with their dog walking toward us. The other dog was a small, fluffy piece of shit, just like Chewie (said with love). Usually, Chewie doesn’t bother barking at other small dogs –he only goes after the big ones. I am pretty sure he thinks he is a 400 pound Pit Bull in a 14 pound Pekingese body. So imagine my surprise when this other dog started pulling on his leash and barking at Chewie, and Chewie said, “Oh it’s like THAT?!” and started barking back.

So there we all stood with our two angry little dogs barking and straining to get at each other. It was ridiculous. So I started chanting, “SMALL DOG FIGHT! SMALL DOG FIGHT!”

I thought this was HILARIOUS. The other couple — hand to god — rolled their eyes at me, and walked on by.

Oh…uh…so…just me, huh? Not so funny to you, more funny to me? I stand alone in my sea of shame? Yeah, no, that’s fair. Ok.


There's my little badass, waiting to bring his lamb along on our walk.

There’s my little badass, waiting to bring his toy lamb along on our walk.


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  1. well, mister and miss stick in the mud can just keep walking, because it made me laugh…

  2. Funny. I have a 75 pound pit bull who thinks he is a lap dog. Freaky Friday?

  3. Nope, I found it funny, too. I’d still do my fake chuckle if I wasn’t amused my your chant…it’s like a defense mechanism for me.
    Tahlia B. recently posted..Resolution In EffectMy Profile

  4. Ugh, high falutin’ people. Forget em 🙂 I would have LOVED it! Would have been like “if only we had sumo costumes ready!” So they can take their little fluffy and keep right on walking!

  5. *That* is hilarious! Your comment, not the idiots with no sense of humor.
    GunDiva recently posted..End of the Year, 2012My Profile

  6. Hilarious image! Did you throw in a “Just Kidding?” I’m picturing them telling all their friends because they thought you were serious. In their version your puffball was a vicious monster that you could barely hold back.

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