March 30, 2012
by pileofbabies

Thanks for the butt. You can put it away now.

Meg: “Ben! Let’s go in the changing room!” (the changing room is the space behind the chair in the living room, by the way) Mom: “No. No more changing room. Enough.” Meg: “But why?” Mom: “Megan, I love your butt. … Continue reading

March 28, 2012
by pileofbabies
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Car-versation: Hey doctors, my kids think you ain’t shit.

Meg: I want to be a superhero! Ben: Me too! Mom: Hurray! Now what? Meg: Oh no! I got hit by a train! Mom: Come again? Ben: Oh no! Who should we call?! Mom: I’d probably call a doctor. And … Continue reading

March 19, 2012
by pileofbabies

Car-versations: In which I am pretty sure I get condescended to by a 4 year old.

Mom: Hey guys! See that bike shop over there? Look at all those bikes! Meg: Do they have three wheels? Like our bikes? Mom: No, those have two wheels. You know how Mommy and Daddy’s bikes have two wheels? Well, … Continue reading

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