January 7, 2013
by admin

I didn’t find your lost cat.

There is a lost cat in our neighborhood. Someone has put up a ton of bright pink “Lost” signs for the poor thing — there’s about one per block. Last week I was walking Chewie, and I thought I saw … Continue reading

March 2, 2012
by pileofbabies

What lies beneath.

My husband is a handy man. Not professionally, and not licensed, but he knows how to do EVERYTHING. Given his varied expertise, we have only had to hire people to do work on our house here and there over the … Continue reading

February 11, 2012
by pileofbabies

My cat is an asshole.

I have two cats. Two fat, old, yet surprisingly healthy cats. And I love them. I loved them more before I had kids, but I do still love them. One is sweet and stupid. The other is grumpy and stupid. … Continue reading

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