March 23, 2015
by admin

Healthy Cookbooks Remind Me Why I’m Not Healthy

I am trying to eat healthier. Sometimes. It’s tricky to work in healthier foods when you have kids who only want to eat mac and cheese (and only the yellow kind, with the tube pasta), but for the sake of … Continue reading

May 16, 2013
by admin

Guide me, Internet. I need treat advice.

Hello, The Internet. I am calling upon your vast resources and emphatic opinions to ask for some advice about how to feed my children. Some of you already know that I have some issues with food (you can catch up … Continue reading

February 9, 2012
by pileofbabies

Them’s good eatin’.

Meal time with the twins makes me feel like a waitress at a downtown Applebee’s when there is a convention in town. “MORE MILK!” “MORE POTATOES!” “I NEED SOMEONE TO CUT THIS!” “I NEED A NAPKIN!” “I’M STILL HUNGRY!” (They … Continue reading

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