March 21, 2013
by admin

The parenting put-down that needs to stop.

I’m going serious today, y’all. Last week, I wrote a post called Three Truths and a Lie About Having Twins. It also went up on Mamapedia on Tuesday. Most people really connected with it, but I did get some negative feedback. This … Continue reading

March 14, 2013
by admin

Three truths and a lie about having twins

It’s time to play Three Truths and a Lie — the icebreaker that almost always ends up being about drugs and sex if you’re doing it right. ——- Party-Goer Who Doesn’t Get It: “Okay okay okay, here they are: One, I’ve … Continue reading

August 6, 2012
by admin

PSA: Having twins is not adorable, but thanks

When my twins were babies, there was one comment I would get from strangers that make me want to either a) choke the shit out of them, or b) I can’t think of a B. I would drag myself into … Continue reading

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