October 29, 2013
by admin
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Meet Sugar, my children’s bad boyfriend

Like most parents, I care about what my children eat: at least twice a month I make sure they have contact with a green vegetable, and their mac and cheese is the finest that Kraft produces. Sometimes, however, we need … Continue reading

May 16, 2013
by admin

Guide me, Internet. I need treat advice.

Hello, The Internet. I am calling upon your vast resources and emphatic opinions to ask for some advice about how to feed my children. Some of you already know that I have some issues with food (you can catch up … Continue reading

February 9, 2012
by pileofbabies

Them’s good eatin’.

Meal time with the twins makes me feel like a waitress at a downtown Applebee’s when there is a convention in town. “MORE MILK!” “MORE POTATOES!” “I NEED SOMEONE TO CUT THIS!” “I NEED A NAPKIN!” “I’M STILL HUNGRY!” (They … Continue reading

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