The guessing game


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Megan: “Mom! When is my birthday?”

Mom: “Meg, you know when your birthday is. Take a guess.”

Megan: “October 2nd!”

Mom: “Not even close.”

Megan: “November 2nd!”

Mom: “No, you goofball. I’ll give you a hint. It’s February…”

Megan: “…March, April, May…”

Mom: “No. No, you’re not getting it. It’s in the month of February. Now you need to guess the day.”

Megan: “SUNDAY!”

Mom: “…No.”


Mom: “No, Meg. The NUMBER. You need to guess the NUMBER day.”

Megan: “Oooooooooooh. ONE!”

Mom: “The sixth, Megan. February 6th.”

Megan: “Oh yeah!”

Mom: “You are a goon.”

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  1. LOL. That is hilarious. If there is one thing I always knew as a kid, it was what day I was supposed to get presents. haha
    Ashley Austrew recently posted..Love, according to the movies.My Profile

  2. “Goon” is one of my favorite words!
    When I Blink recently posted..Penguins of Our LivesMy Profile

  3. We’ve just settled with the fact that my son’s birthday is after Christmas. We’ll deal with the fact that he still has to wait till June once the holidays are over.
    Robin recently posted..I’m too old for that kind of dancing.My Profile

  4. That is too cute! Now if only I could forget my own birthday… 😉
    Shannon recently posted..Another Ridiculously Easy RecipeMy Profile

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