Yup. That’s my bumper sticker.


Mike and I were driving along the other day, when we ended up at a stoplight behind a raised pick-up truck. It had one bumper sticker, and that bumper sticker said:

Image via http://www.ebay.com, and assholes everywhere

Image via http://www.ebay.com, and assholes everywhere

Mike started giggling. And then he giggled harder. Then he couldn’t breathe because he was laughing so hard.

Me: “You know, Michael, I don’t know that I enjoy how hilarious you find that bumper sticker.”

Mike: “No no, that’s not it. It’s that that is his only bumper sticker. That’s it. That’s what he has to say.”

Me: “Huh. That’s a good point. He’s not asking for world peace, or letting everyone know that ‘Dog’ is his copilot. He’s saying, ‘Nope. Not me. You wanna know what I believe in? I believe in ‘no fat chicks.’ That’s what people need to know about me.’ Hey, what could he could possibly do for a living when that is the truck he drives to work. Where is it okay to have that bumper sticker in the employee parking lot?

Mike: “That’s what you drive to work at the steel factory, Meredith. He’s not a pediatrician.”

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  1. Now I’M laughing because I’m thinking about Larry The Cable Guy’s joke when he’s asked by a cop, “Have you been drinking, sir?” to which he replies, “Why, is there a fat chick in ma back seat?” Lol… Not nice, but funny.

    Maybe he really likes big girls and just doesn’t want them to be able to escape.
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  2. I like the way your husband thinks.
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  3. That’s almost as bad as the one I saw today.

    It was one of those family sticker thingys. Normally I don’t take much notice of them but this one I couldn’t help but notice.

    There was Mom. We’ll call her Sue.
    There was Dad. We’ll call him Bob.
    There was big brother. He was Joe.
    There was angel kid. We’ll call her sally.
    Then there was a THIRD kid. The third kid? Didn’t have a name. Its like they got to the third stick kid and went “fuck it.”

    I spent a good 4 miles contemplating that one. Sally is good enough to get a name but third (and living) kid isn’t? What the heck weirdos?

    • OH!! I saw the stick lady on the back of a mini van with at least 16 kitty stick figures! I laughed so hard! That there is my destiny!

  4. I thought he wanted the truck lifted so fats chicks could not jump out . . .
    Never considered chicks trying to jump into a truck, hmmm

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